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About Hope House

Every individual has the right to live free from violence or the threat of violence. We help our
clients navigate the legal system dealing with restraining orders and court ordered visitation. We provide no cost counseling and peer group counseling to help create a healthy, happy future for their family. Our staff is committed to providing a structured, yet compassionate environment for victims of domestic violence in need.

Our 24-bed facility serves victims of domestic violence who are female, male, and LGBTQ. While in the shelter, victims can remain together with their children and pets in a safe nurturing environment while they negotiate this painful transition in their lives. Hope House also provides transitional housing to keep supporting the client along the
journey to independence.

We Strive To:

• Provide shelter services and transitional housing assistance for victims of domestic violence
• Provide an intensive program to help clients make better decisions
• Help clients identify permanent and healthy solutions
• Provide safe place for clients, their children, and their pets
• Provide the tools needed for clients to grow and become productive members of the community
• Provide help obtaining restraining orders and court advocacy services
• Provide free notary services

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Hope House

To receive help or information
regarding domestic violence
Contact Us:
24-Hour hotline: 760-949-4357

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Talk to Us...

…if you have any compliments, concerns or complaints about any of the services you receive or providers who serve you at Family Assistance Program.

If you want to provide feedback about staff or a program or if you want support resolving a challenge or conflict with a program or staff, you have a right to bring that to us and, most importantly,
be heard and get a response!

For any feedback:

  1. Review the following Client Empowerment Policy and
  2. Connect to the Client Empowerment Form link in the policy or by the QR code below:

We provide 24/7 Emergency Services for youth and their families at no charge.

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Classes & Groups

Restraining Order/TROs

Love and Logic curriculum, need to attend 12 classes for a certificate of completion, classes are offered 3 times per week, you can attend up to 2 Parenting Classes per week (one per day), free of charge, classes are virtual.

DV Support Groups

Letter of Support is given after 12 sessions of attendance. These are not equivalent to 52-week batterers intervention, this is not a curriculum class.

October is National
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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