2022 December Newsletter

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Direct from Darryl

The holiday season is a time to rejoice in the spirit of people and reject the negative comments about society today. Every day, we have people contacting us to ask for an opportunity to help. People want to participate in events, donate gifts, donate money, and anything else they can do to help. Businesses are looking for ways they can support the community, and frequently without making a big production of it. People are in the giving spirit.
I hope everyone takes time to enjoy all of the good in our lives. Take some time to enjoy nature. Read a book (I highly recommend “I Cried to Dream Again” by Sara Kruzan). Holidays are filled with stress and food that is bad for us, so take some time to do something good for yourself. Also, now is the time to start setting goals for next year. I hit most of my goals for 2022 and hope to make 2023 a stretch to achieve even more.
Happy Holidays!
Darryl Evey
Executive Director

Spirit of the High Desert

It was an honor to win the Spirit of the High Desert Award at the local chamber of commerce Accolade Awards! According to the Greater High Desert Chamber of Commerce, the Spirit of the High Desert award means: “This business actively promotes and represents the community in a positive manner, helping to preserve and improve the quality of life in the High Desert. This recipient exemplifies excellent corporate citizenship by contributing time and effort to the communities in which it operates and embraces a corporate culture that enhances the lives of its employees.” It has been our honor to support our High Desert community for over 37 years.
Also congratulations to our Executive Director, Darryl Evey for being nominated for Most Inspirational Leader, as well as our Director of Development & Media, Angela Sorrell-Herrera for being nominated for the Lillian King Volunteer of the Year!
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Taco Tuesday

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Thank you to everyone who came out on Giving Tuesday for our Taco Tuesday fundraiser! Everyone was so generous and donated toys for our participants and their children for Christmas. We had a great time and enjoyed tacos from the Vegan Vato. Thank you to everyone who donated raffle prizes and everyone who bought raffle tickets. Thank you to the Courtyard by Marriott in Hesperia for hosting our event and for your continued support!

Company Christmas Party

Family Assistance Program Holiday Party was at Dave & Buster’s and it was nice to see everyone in person!
Congratulations to Elsa Scott for 15 years, Yvette Abreo for 10 years and Matthew Letellier for 5 years with Family Assistance Program!
Congrats to Rick on winning the 65″ Samsung TV!
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staff member receiving award
staff member receiving award

Community Center

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Happy Holidays from the C Street Community Center! Twas’ the month before Christmas and all through the Community Center all the Advocates were busy decorating and helping people in the local neighborhood connect with present and Holiday resources for their families. It gets very cold this time of year, if you have any new or used blankets or jackets think of the C Street Community Center! The clients are always in need of these items to stay warm.

Don’t forget, the C Street Community Center is still offering FREE Notary Services! This service is available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call Jobi at 760-843-0701 for more information.

Hope House

Hello and Happy Holidays from everyone at Hope House!!
Hope House was treated to a wonderful night at Taco Tuesday, so many wonderful friends came to support us. There was a Vegan taco dinner, that all enjoyed so much. Hope House Advocates watched in pure joy and a full heart as one after another walked up to the table and bought raffle tickets and dinner and to top all of that off they all brought presents for the children here at Hope House! It’s an amazing feeling after the last few years of struggle to see people come together with actual obvious joy in their hearts. The rooms were filled with beautiful trees, feelings and people!  
Hope House is looking forward to so much more excitement of the season that these families will get to experience. The San Bernardino Sheriffs Dept will come visit with Santa, We have Santa’s Sleigh day and The Women’s Foundation. These awesome folks help us provide the best Christmas every year!
Hope House has had a pretty great year, we have assisted several families including some fur family members. We have provided supportive services including several woman and families to move into our transitional housing.
Hope House would like to wish you all the best of the Holiday Season and the upcoming year! Thank you all for being you and for being by our side it is much appreciated! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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Open Door

We at that Open Door have been doing a lot of training, like for instance with Loma Linda Children’s Hospital Emergency Department on the signs of Human Trafficking, that way they have a better idea of how to treat the victims. It was very nice of them to send us a thank you card!


If anybody would like to donate, here is our Christmas flyer via Amazon wish list. Time is running out, the holidays are almost here! Here is the link:

Amazon Wish List

We at the Open Door would also like to thank Claire Cunningham, a member of the Knights of Peter Claver Ladies Auxiliary for all of the African American hair products that were just donated. They are greatly appreciated!

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Next Step

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“WAKE UP!!! Make my bed, shower up, eat breakfast, drink coffee, brush my teeth, stumble to the car, rush to work in this awful traffic so I’m not late to work… Uhhhhhrrrr!!!!”
Life is frustrating. Day in and day out, the long year makes it easy to get mired in the muck of the daily grind and the drama that just pops up in life. These difficulties can wear us down and distract us from the goals we have made; they can make us think “how can life be like this??” They are the big and little challenges that we will inevitably face in the good fight we all fight to go through this life a good person, a good son, brother, daughter, sister, father, mother, partner, friend, neighbor, citizen, etc. And although they can be scary, frustrating, infuriating and sometimes seemingly insurmountable… that’s all they are,… challenges and distractions we must overcome to get back to our major plan, whatever that may be. Life requires us to be resilient to have a chance at success, we try to teach this resilience to our participants because life is like that: challenging & unavoidable, and they will encounter these challenges for the rest of their lives,… like we do.
Thankfully, the holiday season slows us down a bit and gives us an opportunity to think about the wonderful things that have happened to us and the things we can appreciate in our lives. We at Next Step Reentry feel a great sense of purpose with the job we do, as I’m sure all at Family Assistance Program do, but more so, we all feel a tremendous sense of appreciation for the opportunity we have just to be in a position to be able to provide the type of support we have been able to provide to our participants, and our community at large. We are privileged to do this work and are humbled for it.

Next Step Reentry Team Achievements for the Year

  1. 63 Parole and Probation Participants Housed
  2. 38 Participants Successfully Secured Self-Pay Housing as Result of Landlord Mediations
  3. 32 Participants Successfully Employed as Result of Employment Assistance
  4. 202 Participants Supported with Rental Subsidies
  5. $3,000 in Landlord Incentives used to Successfully Encourage Lease Approvals
  6. $4,040 in Emergency Financial Assistance Provided
  7. $14,786 in Essential Furniture Provided to Families to Complete Their Homes
  8. $973,978 in Rent Subsidies Disbursed to Pay Rent and Keep Roofs Over Heads
When acknowledging our accomplishments over this last year, one can’t help but reflect on the importance of the team and the people who form it. A common theme over the life of the Next Step Reentry Program has been that of consistent change. Change is made in an effort to improve the program as much as possible and serve as many people as we can, but change is not easy; so the efforts and passion of each member of the Next Step team are greatly appreciated.

FAM Spot

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Fam Spot has been busy this last month. Fam Spot hosted an amazing Thanksgiving meal for all the youth in the HD programs. The youth enjoyed turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy and yams. They also participated in a baggage exercise and found out that each of them carries a huge amount of baggage around. 
We participated in Victorville’s annual Christmas parade and had a lot of fun. It’s really nice to get out and see the joy in people’s face that stand on the sides of the parade.
We will be hosting our annual Christmas dinner and giving out presents to the youth in our programs. If you are interested in donating gifts or gift cards to our youth, please reach out to Shelly at shelly@familyassist.org
Huge thank you to Desert Community Bank for buying paint and the supplies, along with volunteering to paint one of our houses. The youth are excited to have the fresh paint and even joined in on the painting.
We continue our monthly hikes and BBQs. Please see the FamSpot Facebook page for an updated look at our calendar.
Our LGBTQIA+ support group has been a huge hit for one local high school. The youth that attend love having the support and asked us to come back monthly. They have also started reaching out to other local high schools’ GSA club to give them the information for our support groups.
Happy Holidays from the youth service team of the high desert.
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My Place

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This month was full of fun activities, aside from having the pleasure of having dinner with our Fam Spot family for Thanksgiving, the clients were also taken to a beautiful relaxing spot up in Valyermo. There, the clients walked around and appreciated the beauty of mother nature. They took in nice clean air and interacted with animals and took a fun hike. The clients enjoyed it so much that they asked to be taken there again. They appreciated and enjoyed it and to our surprise, we saw more animals than on our first visit. Our clients also enjoyed an outing to the Phelan Wild Animal Park, where they saw tigers, lions, a bear, and all sorts of snakes and hyenas.
One of our clients was fortunate enough to be hired at Jack in the Box and moved on to one of our TAY facilities where he will continue to pursue his goals. We are excited and proud of the challenges some of our clients have overcome, learning and growing as individuals to one day become significant and productive assets to society. Our youth participated in a blanket drive for dialysis patients and did outreach in the community. We are looking forward to our upcoming Christmas dinner with Fam Spot and other Christmas activities to end the year.


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