Our Sponsors

ZeoFill® is the #1 choice for synthetic turf infill for pet owners, areas with playgrounds & Sports Field applications. ZeoFill is a premium clinoptilolite zeolite which does not have the small harmful jagged rocks called quartz which other zeolites have.

The city of Los Angeles uses ZeoFill for Synthetic Projects. ZeoFill is a proud and gracious sponsor of the Family Assistance Program.


When it comes to finding great Cajun style food, turn to Hesperia, California’s own Louisiana Cajun Seafood House.

Located at the Starter Bros Center™ on the crossroads of Maple and Main, they are a proud member of the Hesperia Chamber of Commerce and a premier sponsor of the Family Assistance Program™


They have been proudly serving the High Desert and Apple Valley areas for more than four years, and in that short period of time, they’ve built quite the reputation in the community. Specifically, they have been honored to receive awards for “Best Salon” (2012) and “Best Hairstylist, Sean Stewart” (2012) by the Daily Press, among numerous other accolades.

Wild Hair Company is a proud sponsor of the Family Assistance Program