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Our Programs

Family Assistance Program is proud to grow to meet the rising needs of the community.  To learn more about each program, click on any of the programs below.

The Our House program was a natural progression. In both cases, the goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for those in need to thrive, and to assist those in need by helping to build a strong network of support for the issues they face.

We help our clients navigate the legal system dealing with restraining orders and court ordered visitation. We provide no cost counseling and peer group counseling to help create a healthy happy future for their family.

Family Assistance Program provides case management and support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Our Mentors and Youth Advocates support these victims through the legal system and assist them with accessing resources to overcome the trauma they have endured.

he FAM Spot gives our youth a safe environment to build healthy, long lasting, positive  relationships. Our main focus is on exposing the youth to new experience’s such as, educational field trips, theme park and sport field trips, online tutoring (provided by School-On-Wheels), community involvement and  outreach, all at no cost to the youth.

Support services empower women on probation to find strength, stability and success.