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The Open Door – Human Trafficking Dept.

A rise in the amount of commercial sexual exploitation of children has created unimaginable hardships for youth in our community. As legislation passes in the state of California to prosecute human trafficking criminals, our children are left with unstable relationships and few resources to advance from life on the street.

Family Assistance Program provides case management and support to victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.  Clients are referred to our care through strong partnerships with Public Defenders, District Attorneys, and the California Department of Probation.  Our Mentors and Youth Advocates support these victims through the legal system and assist them with accessing resources to overcome the trauma they have endured.  We are pleased to announce that although most clients relapse and find themselves “back in the life,” we have a near 100% success rate with those we continue working with.

While our human trafficking clients are housed at both our adult and youth shelters, there is a need for a long term residential housing program for these survivors.  Help Family Assistance Program provide a safe home for sexually exploited children. Family Assistance Program is asking for your donation to help fund a residential housing program for youth away from the streets and human trafficking.

There is so much to be done to assist our youth in need! As the largest county in the US, San Bernardino County has no beds at any shelter devoted exclusively to survivors of human trafficking. The establishment of a place safe from predators is the first step towards helping our exploited children become loved, understood, and productive members of our community.

Donate now, and help fund a safe, residential housing program for our exploited children.

The Family Assistance Program is the Official Inland Empire Charity Partner of the LA Marathon.

We are running because they have to!