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Celebration of Families Annual Award Gala

Each year Family Assistance Program recognizes everyday hero’s of our community. It is a Celebration of Families who have triumphed, some despite all odds, to the betterment of our community.   The evening is an illustration of the strength, inspiration, dedication, and beauty that all families, yours included, bring to our community.

Throughout the year we give the community an opportunity to come together and nominate an individual or family that makes a difference in the community. Each award showcases the different types of everyday hero’s in these five separate categories:


• Mentorship Award

This award is presented to an individual or family who has worked toward the betterment and success of others in the community.


• Service Award

This Award is presented to a family who dedicates time and efforts towards serving others and/or the community.


• Overcoming Adversity Award

This Award celebrates a family who has triumphed over hardship, illness, loss, or unique challenges.


• Empowered Youth Award

This award is bestowed upon youth(s) who drives change, empowers others, or achieves success despite their age.


• Extraordinary Family Award

Presented to a family who is extraordinary due to unique efforts, talents, or bond.

The 2017 Celebration Of Families Annual Gala

Do you know of anyone that is deserving of recognition for everything that they do for the community? If so, let us know so we can honor them accordingly!

For more information contact: 760-843-0701

Become A Sponsor

Help us recognize families of our community by becoming a sponsor for the 2017, A Celebration Of Families Award Gala.

To learn more about the sponsorship levels and opportunities please view our sponsorship form or contact Executive Director, Darryl Evey.

View 2016 A Celebration of Families Award Gala Photos

Take a look at the 2016 celebration photographs!

Check Out Previous Award Winners!

Each winners story is filmed and shared the evening of our gala. It is a heartfelt moment and showcases everyday heroism.