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All services free & confidential. 24-Hour Hotline (760) 949-4357

Individual Program Contacts

Domestic Violence Services

24 Hour Hotline – This phone line is available 24/7 for victims of domestic violence to call and receive help and shelter assistance.



✆ 760-949-4357


30 Day Shelter

Once women have been assessed and found in need of help to escape their violent situations,

we house them, their children, and pets in our shelter, which is an undisclosed location.

Transitional Housing

Qualified clients who have stayed at our 90 day shelter, receive treatment, and have shown that

they are in need of further assistance, can be placed in transitional housing.


This housing is located in an undisclosed location.


Gabby Pedroza –

Restraining Order Clinic

Temporary Restraining Order Clinic is available to the public on Wednesday from 8:00am-2:00pm.

We also offer appointments during the week at our outreach office.

Restraining orders are automatically provided for our clients.


Evelyn Magana –

Support Groups

Support groups are one of the main methods of therapeutic healing that we offer women of DV

to gather tools and share with one another their personal experience, strength, and hope.


Cristina Moncada –

Bilingual Court Support

We offer bilingual court support Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 9:30am at the Victorville

Courthouse in Departments V-11, V-12, and V-15.


Evelyn Magana –

Teen Dating Classes

These are preventative classes which are offered to all the school districts in the High Desert and to

any youth who would like to participate or is referred from another agency.  This educational course

is taught to youth between the ages of 13 through 18 and addresses issues of abuse, sexting, and

other relationship issues pertinent to their age group.


Jobi Wood –

Anger Management Classes

These classes address issues that trigger the secondary emotion of anger.  Both men and women are

invited to attend this class regardless by court order or for self-help.


Jobi Wood –

Parenting Classes

Utilizing the Love and Logic curriculum, we encourage parents to set limits and create consequences

for children in order to prepare them for the real world.  Individuals who attend this class are there

to improve their parenting skills and interactions with their children.


Jobi Wood –

Supervised Visitation

We offer supervised visitation in our outreach office on Saturdays for a small fee.


Jobi Wood –

Individual and Family Counseling

Professional counseling is available to everyone in the community at a substantially

reduced, or even no cost.


Jobi Wood –

Bilingual Services

We provide our parenting classes, anger management classes, and domestic violence support

groups in Spanish.


Cristina Moncada –

Our House Youth in Crisis Shelter

We operate a shelter for youth in Redlands.  This shelter provides temporary housing to youth

while we assist them in overcoming the challenges that have disrupted their home.


Devin Baze –

The Fam Spot Youth Drop-In Center

The Fam Spot is a  Drop-In center for youth ages12-21 and  homeless and runaway

youth to recieve various services.


Jose Chavez –

Volunteer Recruitment

We are always in need of dedicated volunteers for different agency needs.

All our volunteers are required to pass a thorough background check with a live-scan.


High Desert Volunteers –

Inland Empire Volunteers –


To volunteer to fundraise, participate in one of our community events, or for sponsonsorship opportunities apply below!




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